Unterstützen Sie hochwertige Klimaschutzprojekte durch die Kompensation von CO2-Emissionen aus Mobilität oder anderen Bereichen Ihres Unternehmens.

Why should my company become Climate Partner and offset the carbon emission of doing business?

A majority of customers prefers sustainable products and services. Sustainability criteria are also playing an increasingly important role in call for tenders. The combination of CO2 avoidance and CO2 offsetting are a credible sustainability strategy.

That’s how it works

Step 1: In close cooperation with our clients, we identify areas in the company where it makes most sense to offset carbon emissions. In addition, our Climate Partners are committed to gradually reducing their carbon emissions. For: Credible climate protection depends on reducing carbon emissions first.

Step 2: We calculate carbon emissions according to established standards (e.g. DIN EN 16258 for vehicles).

Step 3: You as Climate Partner offset carbon emissions by supporting high-quality Gold Standard climate protection projects.

Step 4: We support you with communicating your climate commitment by providing marketing materials (e.g. climate badge), documentation of carbon offset, project pictures and other materials on request.

Climate protection projects

By offesting emissions you support climate protection projects all over the world which promote renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. PROJECT CLIMATE works together with the Gold Standard Foundation and selected project developers on site.

Effiziente Holzgaskocher


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Strom aus Holzabfällen


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Effiziente Kocher und Wasserfilter


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Effiziente Biomassekocher


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Best practice: Carbon Neutral Fleet

You fully offset the carbon emissions of your fleet. The exact CO2 calculation and analysis of PROJECT CLIMATE also serves as a basis for a continuous reduction of the CO2 emissions of your fleet. In addition, PROJECT CLIMATE provides you with climate badges for each vehicle.

For carbon neutral fleets the expert organisation DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH audits the correct execution of the CO2 calculation and the purchase and cancellation of CO2 certificates for CO2 offsetting.

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Best practice: Carbon Neutral Event

Climate-friendly event design

We help you to plan the event in such a way that harmful environmental impacts are minimized.

CO2 calculation and carbon offsetting

We calculate the unavoidable CO2 emissions of your event in the following areas: Arrival to and departure from the event, energy and resource consumption at the event location, catering and overnight stay. You can offset the calculated CO2 emissions by supporting high-quality Gold Standard climate protection projects.


We support you in communicating your climate commitment with the “carbon neutral event” label, a carbon offset certificate and pictures and texts describing your climate protection project.

NEW: Present the results of the CO2 calculation during your event and present your climate protection project live and on stage.

Best practice example

Carbon neutral fleet at Frosta

Carbon neutral fleet at Frosta

Carbon neutral fleet of DR.SCHNELL

Carbon neutral fleet of DR.SCHNELL

Carbon neutral public transport in the region Potsdam Mittelmark

Carbon neutral public transport in the region Potsdam Mittelmark

Carbon neutral annual B.A.U.M. conference

Carbon neutral annual B.A.U.M. conference


High carbon footprint – your mobility contributes to climate change


Carbon neutrality – Offsetting of carbon emissions with PROJECT CLIMATE


No carbon footprint – emission-free mobility