Electric mobility

We support you to systematically integrate
electric mobility in your fleet.

Why should I start using electric mobility in my fleet today?

Most journeys are already covered by the range of an electric cars.

Some electric cars are already cheaper than diesel and petrol cars.

Electric cars emit no pollutants and run CO2-free with green electricity.

Your employees can profit from lower taxes on non-cash benefits.

Electric cars are fun and are not threatened by driving restrictions.

Step by step towards electric mobility with PROJECT CLIMATE


Analysis of what is possible:

We determine the current and future potential for electric vehicles in your fleet


We determine the potential for electric mobility based on existing data and standard empirical data.


GPS tracking allows us to analyze the exact journeys of employees and makes it possible to precisely determine – on an individual basis – the potential for electric mobility.



Based on the analysis, we propose concrete reduction measures

Example: A strategy developed by PROJECT CLIMATE could suggest the following concrete measures:

“20% of vehicles can be replaced with e-mobility today.”

“For 20% of vehicles, 90% of the journeys can be carried out using electric cars. Recommendation: Switch to electric mobility in combination with carsharing and/or pool vehicles.”

“There is currently no potential for electric mobility for 60% of vehicles. Recommendation: Review in two years’ time when new electric cars are on the market.”

Result when implementing the measures:
cost savings0%
CO2 reduction0%



We support you with implementing the proposed measures

Selection of specific car models and charging facilities suited for your purposes

Cooperation with large network of international partners

Internal communication

Incentivation for employees