Sustainable Mobility Consulting

Reduce costs and carbon emissions
in your company with PROJECT CLIMATE.

The mobility consulting of PROJECT CLIMATE alignes four corporate objectives:
flexible mobility, employee satisfaction, cost optimization and carbon reduction.

Step by step to sustainable mobility

Step 1: We analyze your mobility and uncover ways for optimization

Step 2: Based on the potential for optimization, we develop concrete measures and give you decision-making guidance for implementation

Step 3: Together with you and our partners, we implement the developed measures

Step 4: We take care of constant monitoring of the implemented measures and continuously uncover further optimization potentials

Best practice

PROJECT CLIMATE developed concrete sustainable mobility measures for EY Germany as part of a Sustainable Mobility Consulting project. The project covered the areas of business travel, fleet management and employee commuting. PROJECT CLIMATE has only developed measures that are practical and meaningful from the employees’ point of view. Following an internal evaluation phase, EY now intends to implement the measures step by step in order to exploit the savings potential.


  • Over 90% of carbon emissions of EY originate from mobility
  • Mobility is the biggest cost factor apart from personnel costs
  • Corporate Mobility is an important part of the business model


  • Savings potential of ~3 Mio. € and ~2 500 t CO2
  • Measures are seen positively by a large majority of employees