Nachhaltige Mobilität
für Unternehmen und Institutionen

We support our customers in all areas of sustainable mobility.

PROJECT CLIMATE’s Mobility Consulting helps you to plan and implement sustainable corporate mobility in your company. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emission, raise employee satisfaction and boost economic efficiency.

With PROJECT CLIMATE’s Carbon Offset Solutions companies can offset unavoidable emissions and become ‘carbon neutral’ – a possible bridging solution towards completely CO2-free mobility.

Mobility Consulting

Reduce costs and CO2 emissions of mobility in your company with PROJECT CLIMATE.

Best practice mobility consulting

The mobility measures developed by PROJECT CLIMATE bring the auditing company EY in Germany enormous savings potential.

~ 3 Mio. € cost savings0%

~ 2.500 t CO₂ reduction0%

Carbon offset

Convince your customers with carbon neutral products and services by supporting high-quality climate protection projects.

Case study: Carbon neutral mobility

Thanks to PROJECT CLIMATE, all passengers travel carbon neutrally when using the public transport of regiobus Potsdam Mittelmark.

Enhanced credibility by certification of carbon neutrality by external auditing company.

PROJECT CLIMATE’s view on the current debate In recent weeks there have been numerous press reports on the climate friendliness of electric cars – with very different results. A press release from VW stated “electric vehicles with lowest CO2 emissions”, then the ifo Institute published a study which came to the conclusion that diesel cars are better than electric cars from a climate point of view.......

The German Federal Environment Agency has published data for 2016 and greenhouse gas emissions have increased again. A large part of this increase is caused by transport and mobility. Click here to read the article (in German). By the way: In the EU, average CO2 emissions per vehicle in 2016 fell from 119.5 to 118.1 g/km;......

This year’s annual conference of B.A.U.M. e.V. took place on 14/15 November in Bonn. Once a year, the conference brings together the B.A.U.M. member companies to discuss the latest sustainability topics. As offset partner of the event PROJECT CLIMATE was responsible for the calculation of the CO2 footprint of the event and the offset of the unavoidable carbon emissions.......

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